School teacher faces sexual abuse charges PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 04 November 2014 14:05

Men of the Police Station 8 based in Sinunuc under Sr. Insp. Hingming Ladjaali have forwarded to the City Prosecutor Office a case of violation of Republic Act 7610 against a volunteer teacher who reportedly molested nine young male pupils.

In an interview, Ladjaali told this reporter  that out of nine complainants, five of them along with their parents executed sworn statements against Johnny Piscos. The rest of the pupils stood as witnesses.

Ladjaali said the Women and Children Section of his station is still waiting for other pupils who might have been victimized also by Piscos to file the same charge.

Ladjaali said they have submitted to the prosecutor on duty.all the necessary evidences as well as the statements of the complainants detailing how they were sexually abused by Piscos,

He said that he and his men will serve the warrant of arrest on Piscos right after its issuance by the court.

To recall,  nine male pupils of the Southcom Elementary School along with their parents have filed complaints with the Sinunuc Police Station against Piscos for alleged sexual molestation.

The pupils told the police that the abuses happened in the afternoon after classes.

In an interview with Brigada News FM, some of the pupils said Piscos taught and demonstrated to them gay sexual practices.

It was learned that the parents had encountered  difficulties convincing their children (pupils) to reveal what Piscos did to them as they were all afraid.

Piscos did not report anymore in school after the accusations against him became public. He also went into hiding after the police forwarded the case to the city prosecutor office. – Dan Toribio Jr.