Beng orders Mariki, Lustre Z3R projects stopped PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 05 November 2014 15:15

Mayor Beng Climaco  has expressed dismay over what she herself discovered that the materials used in the construction of permanent housing units for the internally displaced persons (IDPs) were below standard and immediately ordered the projects stopped, pending review of the specifications.

“This is unacceptable! Standards have to be met,” Climaco said, apparently disgusted by her findings when she personally inspected the housing projects in Mariki and Lustre, which she ordered stopped and reviewed.

The National Housing Authority (NHA), implementer of all housing projects under the Zamboanga City Roadmap to Recovery and Reconstruction (Z3R) Plan, will issue the suspension on Lustre projects to the contractor.

On Sunday, residents in Lustre reported that three of the loftable housing units under construction in Lustre, Sta. Catalina had collapsed.

The chief executive Monday afternoon inspected the loftable housing units in Lustre, Sta. Catalina including the housing on stilts in Mariki together with City Planning and Development Coordinator Engr. Rodrigo Sicat, head of the Rehabilitation Cluster; Assistant City Administrator Elmeir Apolinario, co-coordinator of Z3R projects; City Engineer Luis Vicente Despalo, and Engr. Al Indanan, district manager the NHA.

Climaco said per inspection she made it was found out that the materials used were substandard “Even the hallow blocks were crumbling,” she added, stressing that she immediately informed Pres. Aquino about the issue and she was in turn assured that a review of the plan be made.

She said the government is asking the construction companies to follow the specifications and standards because the projects they are doing and are done in Lustre and Rio Hondo are unacceptable, given that the posts are undersized, the hallow blocks are crumbling and the walls are shaking.

“The contractors are liable and we will hold them accountable for their actions because we cannot accept this for our internally displaced people,” she said, but stressed that the credibility of the Z3R Plan is still there. “The problems are with the winning contractors and for them to regain my belief and trust and that of the people, they have to ensure that they will not continue with the projects.”

Meanwhile, the mayor has instructed the barangay officials and residents of Sta. Catalina and Mariki to submit resolutions on the matter and be vigilant of the projects in their barangays even as she assured them that the city government will review the plans whether or not they met the required specifications.

This, she said, will be dependent on the approval of Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) Project Monitoring Team.

However, Engr. Indanan on Monday’s press briefing in City Hall categorically denied that ongoing construction of housing units had collapsed, particularly in Lustre Homeowners Association Subdivision. He considered it an isolated case and an accident.

He clarified that the incident in question involved the three housing units which were accidentally hit and damaged by the backhoe of the construction company undertaking the projects in Lustre.

The NHA official said the affected units, specifically lots 13, 15 and 16 in block 5 area, were immediately declared unfit after assessment by the NHA revealed that the structural integrity of those units had been compromised.

The construction company was then directed to remove and replace the damaged units at its own expense. The damaged units were considered losses of the constructor. A housing unit in Lustre costs P175,000. — Vic Larato