Basilan mayors want AFP to finish Abus PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 06 November 2014 13:50

Local executives in Basilan urged the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to intensify the fight againt the Abu Sayyaf in the province.

The mayors of 11 municipalities and a city in Basilan, also strongly condemned “in the highest possible terms and denounce the terroristic activities of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG).

In a manifesto, they said the ASG had been involved “in a range of criminal activities such as: extortion; kidnapping; bombing; and, just recently an ambush that took the lives of six government soldiers in Basilan province.”

Abu Sayyaf gunmen killed, in an ambush, on Sunday six soldiers - a young lieutenant and five enlisted men-assigned to secure the implementation of a Saudi-funded road project in Barangay Libug, Sumisip, Basilan.

“We believe that the ASG is a threat to the peace, security and development of our beloved province,” the mayors said in the manifesto signed Wednesday.

The signatory-mayors were the following: Rose Furigay, Lamitan City; Gulam Hataman, Sumisip; Ingatun Istarul; Tipo-Tipo; Alih Sali, Akbar; Duri Kallahal, Tuburan; Talib Pawaki, Mohammad Adjul; Darussalam Lajid; Al-barka; Jomar Maturan, Ungkaya Pukan; Muctar Junaid, Tabuan Lasa; Rustam Ismael, Lantawan; and, Jamar Mansur, Hadji Muhtamad.

“Now Therefore, we, the local leaders of Basilan, are asking the AFP to neutralize and intensify its military actions against the ASG to restore peace and order in our province,” they said.