Shabu pusher killed in shootout with cop PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 10 November 2014 11:17

A suspected drug pusher was killed in a shootout that ensued during a buy-bust operation in barangay Putik at dawn yesterday.

Killed was as Antonio T. Danuco alias ”Santino”, a native of Lanote, Basilan Province.

Policemen recovered at the shootout scene five sachets of suspected shabu, drug paraphernalia,P300 marked money and a .38 caliber revolver with serial number T11G7 loaded with 4 bullets and one spent shell inside the cylinder.

Initial investigation disclosed that policemen led by Insp. Crisanto Yabo had received a report from an informant that a certain Santino was selling shabu in Cambodia, Putik.

Acting on the information, Yabo briefed his men in preparation for the buy-bust operation.

SPO3 Gellecania and SPO2 Amba were designated as poseur buyer and arresting officer respectively.

After the briefing, the team coordinated with the PDEA-9 then proceeded toPutik accompanied by a confidential informant as their guide to buy a sachet of shabu with marked money.

After marked money and shabu changed hands between SPO3 Gellecania and Santino. an exchange of gunfire ensued after the suspected sensed SPO2 Amba was approaching him which prompted him to pull out his .38 cal. revolver and shot SPO3 Gellecania but missed. SPO2 Amba retaliated by firing four times using his issued firearm. Danuco sustained multiple bullet wounds in the body and was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead on arrival.

The seized items were forwarded to the 9th PNP Crime Laboratory for examination. – Dan Toribio Jr.