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Sunday, 16 November 2014 14:45

Datu Albi Dakula Julkarnain, chairman of the Council of Royal Datus, Sultanate of Sulu, and overall in-charge of the 1st National Conference of Royal Princesses of Sulu has announced that all systems go  for the opening of the conference on Monday, November 17, at the Garden Orchid Hotel, this city.

Julkarnain said that preceding the opening ceremonies at the Lobby of the Subanen Hall of the hotel is an exhibit to be held with a ceremonial cutting of ribbon to be led by Dayang-Dayang (Princess) Sitti Djalia Turabin Hataman, Anak Mindanao Partylist Representative in Congress with Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar, himself and other dignitaries who will witness the opening of the Exhibits.

The exhibits will showcase some relics of the Sultanate which are so ancient worthy to be shown to Zamboanga’s public for the first time in the Sultanate’s hundred years history. Artist Rameer Tawasil is the chair of the Exhibits.

Monday’s conference of the Royal Ladies of the Realm is one historic occasion to be held in this city which had never happened before, and perhaps, will not happen again in another 100 years as noted by one serious observer, with joyful enthusiasm and admiration of such a conference to take place in this city, with its new branding of “Asia’s Latin City”. But to the muslims, Zamboanga is one and only “noble city” in the whole Philippines, the observer said.

Highlights of the conference will be the bestowal of posthumous recognition to the deceased Royal Princesses, according to Sitti Hja. Liddy J. A.S.R. Tañedo, chair of the Committee on Recognition and Awards.

The postumous recipients are as follows with the names of the next-of-kin who will receive the recognition in behalf of the deceased Royal Princesses:

Dayang-Dayang Hadja Piando Kiram (To be received by: Putli Amilbangsa and Sitti Adawiya Habil Kulayan)

Dayang-Dayang Putli Tarhata Kiram (To be received by Dayang-Dayang Saharul-Ana Ansaruddin Turabin and Dayang-Dayang Hartini Abirin Kiram-Julhan)

Dayang-Dayang Indah Tass Jainal Abirin Delgado (To be received by Dr. Sitti Natividad J.A. D. Macawaris and escorted by Col. Emmanuel Luis JA D. Licup and  Lt. Col. Ali Luis JA D. Macawaris

Dayang-Dayang Putli Corana Bahjin Julkarnain (To be received by Datu Mulok B. Julkarnain and Dayang-Dayang Putli Carolina J. Ilupa)

Dayang-Dayang Putli Intan Julkarnain Tarsum ( To be received by Vice-Mayor Datu Ajuanda Tarsum and Dayang-Dayang Putli Winnie Tarsum Panda)

Dayang-Dayang Putli Sakinur-in Kiram (To be received by Dayang-Dayang Nurhima K.J. Pornan and  Dayang-Dayang Zarina K.J. Tan)

Sitti Radda Kiram Hashim ( To be received by Dayang-Dayang Krishna K. Idjirani and Sitti Nafsani Sampang Unga)

Mayor Climaco has been invited to give the welcome address according to Prof. Ali T. Yacub, Al-Hj, however, up to press time the Mayor did not confirm her attendance to this historic occasion. Nevertheless, the management of the conference is still hopeful the good mayor will still honor the invitation and grace the conference on the opening ceremony, Prof. Yacub said.

The Royal Ladies coming from all over the Philippines, will start arriving today, November 16, 2014, according to Dayang-Dayang (Princess) Carolina Julkarnain-Ilupa, chair, Committee on Accommodation and Transportation. The participants will be billeted in some chosen hotels in the city.

Security will be tight, according to Major Jaran Abdulla, chair of the Committee on Security and Marshalls, the Zamboanga City Police Office according to Maj. Abdulla has been requested to assist in the security of the Royal participants, the PNP is backed up by the EOD-K9. Motorcycle escorts also will be provided from the billeting hotels to the conference venue, Maj. Abdulla said. — GCCPBA-Media Group