Beng dialogues with PTSI IDPs PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 21 November 2014 12:03

Mayor Beng Climaco has asked the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the PTSI transitory site to keep the faith as both government and humanitarian partners continue to work to provide durable and the best solutions for the needs of IDPs.

“El govierno local taqui syempre ta ayuda,” said Climaco, who joined the information caravan team in its visit to the PTSI transitory site Wednesday, November 19.

“Ta asegura came, we are doing our best,” she added.

The visit to the PTSI transitory site is the fifth in the second wave of information caravans spearheaded by the local government and humanitarian partners through the Communications Working Group (CWG).

Around 150 IDPs participated in the half-day dialogue to discuss with resource speakers issues on health, shelter, tagging and census, and livelihood opportunities. As with other caravans, an open forum followed after each presentation to allow IDPs to voice out their questions and concerns to appropriate clusters heads and focal persons.

The Information Caravan is a response to the need of IDPs to access accurate, critical and timely information regarding the ongoing rehabilitation efforts.

In a recent assessment meeting, stakeholders including camp managers and IDP leaders met together with the CWG to evaluate the information caravans, and to provide inputs that will address the gaps and further improve the caravans to be conducted in the future.

For its second wave, the caravan visited the Masepla, Buggoc, Rio Hondo, and Taluksangay transitory sites.

It is set to visit Tulungatung, the Grandstand, and the Paniran Silsillah transitory site in the days to come.

The same will also be slated for home-based IDPs.