Bag with hand, rifle grenades recovered Print
Monday, 24 November 2014 11:58

Bomb experts detonated a suspicious backpack containing hand grenades and rifle grenade ammos left by an unidentified man near the gate of Camp Enrile in Upper Calarian Saturday night.

It was gathered that around 8 p.m., Alejandra Lumawan, who lives outside the camp, noticed a blue backpack abandoned few meters away from a corner store.

Lumawan reported the matter to Henry Abdula, a barangay tanod who passed by the area.

Thinking that it contained explosives,  both of them  called the bomb experts from the PNP and AFP explosive and ordnance division for verification.

K9 bomb sniffing dogs gave signs the bag was positive of explosives that prompted the bomb squad men to conduct disruption-detonation procedure.

After it was disrupted, authorities recovered were five 40 millimeter M203 shells,  three fragmentation grenades and a hand-held radio transceiver.

Men of the Police Station 8 based in Sinunuc led by Sr. Insp. Hingming Ladjaali have conducted investigation to determine the identity of the man who left the bag with explosives  in the said place. — Dan Toribio Jr.