OCENR tags century, heritage trees in Mercedes PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 26 November 2014 11:40

Committed to the conservation and protection of the city’s trees, personnel from the Office of the City Environment and Natural Resources attached metal plates to protected trees at Barangay Mercedes last November 21.

A total of eight trees – seven (7) “Century Trees” and one (1) “Heritage Trees” – were strapped with metal plates in a ceremony led by District 2 Councilor Mike Alavar who was on hand to represent Mayor Beng Climaco.

Four of the “Century Trees” and the lone “Heritage Tree” are located outside the Mercedes Elementary School and the other three (3) “Century Trees” are within the vicinity of the parish church.

The tagging is in partial completion of Executive Order No. BC 62-2014 issued on June 25 which formally declared nine (8) “Century Trees” and three (3) “Heritage Trees” by virtue of City Ordinance 341, otherwise known as the “Century and Heritage Tree Ordinance.”

“Century Trees,” according to the edict, are those that have lived for more than 100 years while “Heritage Tress” are those which may not have reached 100 years “but are considered ecologically, historically or culturally valuable or belonging to a rare specie or are adjacent or near a water source, spring or well and whose cutting or destruction will disrupt or destroy the water source.”

Trees declared as Century or Heritage Trees shall, under the same ordinance, “not be subjected to any cutting or any form or destruction, except for medical, public emergency, public safety and botanical reasons and shall be preserved and maintained in its natural state.”

Such prohibition shall also apply to all plants and animals that live within or are depended on the said trees for their survival.

A century or heritage Trees shall be identified by a metal plate that contains both its local and scientific names, approximate age, location, Tree Registry Number and declaration date. — Claudine Uniana