Prices of Noche Buena items in Zambo City remain stable PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 26 November 2014 11:41



As the public prepares for the Christmas Season, the Department of Trade of Industry-Zamboanga Provincial Office said prices of “noche buena” items in the city remain stable as per monitoring conducted.

DTI-Zamboanga City Consumer Protection Division Chief Ceferino Rubio said prices in the city is not affected by the movement of prices in Metro Manila and are even lower than the prevailing suggested retail price.

“The reason why various stores, supermarkets, for that matter in Zamboanga City are basically selling their noche buena products 3 to 5 percent lower than that of the SRPs is that Zamboanga City is a far distance market from the source, save from Cebu and Manila. If they have to purchase their stocks inventories, they don’t do it on a weekly or a 15 day consumption basis. Normally, it is good for one or two months period unlike stores in Manila which maintain inventories of 3 to 5 days since suppliers are just around the corner,” Rubio explained.

Taking this into consideration, Rubio said if Manila increases their prices, Zamboanga City will not be affected by the adjustment.

“In terms of prices, if Manila increases the prices in a matter of three to five days, Zamboanga is not yet affected because they have sufficient supply which last up to one to two months”, he expounded.

He, however, said that this is not applicable for perishable items like chicken, beef and pork.

“Of course it’s different when we talk about highly perishable items which have shelf life of seven days. But normally, they don’t sell that in Zamboanga”, Rubio said.

As of November 14, prices of spaghetti pasta, one of the most purchased noche buena items, range from P59.00-P85.90 per 1 kilogram pack, while macaroni ranges from P69.00-P88.00 per kilogram pack, well within the SRPs released by DTI head office in Manila. Spaghetti sauce price is from P66.75 – P80.00 per kilogram pack.

Ham, another sought after noche buena product, has prices ranging from P139.00 to P525.00 for 500 grams to 1 kilo. Other items listed in the monitoring are all within the SRP.

Earlier, DTI-Manila ordered four supermarkets in Quezon City to explain why they were selling their noche buena products above the SRP. Another 10 supermarkets were also found selling their products above the SRP.

Mr. Rubio, allayed fears of consumers in the city saying no same cases were found as per monitoring last week. — MVC/DTI-9