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Thursday, 27 November 2014 13:02



LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “… However, if you do not listen to the Lord your God, and do not obey His commands… all of these curses will come upon you and overtake you… The Lord will afflict you with madness… and confusion of mind…” (Deuteronomy 28:15, 28, the Holy Bible).

* * * *

ILLEGAL DRUGS CAUSING CRIME RISE IN RP: The undeniable truth in the rampaging criminality almost everywhere in the country now is this: criminals have become so brazen, daring, and heinous because at the time they are committing crimes, they are out of their minds. They are out of their minds because they are drug-crazed. It is easy for them to be drug-crazed because illegal drugs, particularly shabu, is readily available everywhere.

During our younger days, when illegal drugs were the domain only of the rich and the powerful, we never heard of girls being raped, killed, and even burned, we never heard of brothers and sisters, and parents and offspring, killing each other, of important government officials stealing billions of pesos in government funds.

It was only when shabu and other illegal drugs became abundant, despite claims by police and government authorities that they are fighting this scourge tooth and nail, that brazen, daring, and heinous crimes started rearing their ugly heads. If we want to put an end to crime and criminality, President Aquino must work double time to quash the highly profitable illegal drugs trade in this country. But, can he? Or, will he?

* * * *

PNOY GOV’T INUTILE VS. CRIMES: The funny thing in this inability of the Aquino government to stop crime and criminality is the fact that there are many officials installed by President Aquino to fight criminals. As far as I can recall, Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. remains to be the chief of the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission, among his many other duties.

Then, there is also Virgilio Mendez as head of the National Bureau of Investigation under the Department of Justice of Secretary Leila De Lima. Not to be forgotten, of course, is Director General Alan Purisima of the Philippine National Police who is under Secretary Mar Roxas of the Department of the Interior and Local Government.

There is likewise Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, which is technically under Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin. Under all of these police and law enforcement agencies are many various operating units which are supposed to combat crime. The recent spate of criminality however seems to prove that all of these officials entrusted by Aquino with the duty to maintain peace and order failed in their mandated duties.

* * * *

BREAKDOWN IN SPIRITUALITY: Over and above this drug menace, however, is a more fundamental reason for the breakdown of law and order in our country, of the ever-rising crime and criminality, and also why there is a proliferation of illegal drugs and shabu. This is the breakdown of spirituality among Filipinos as a whole.

Whether our countrymen will admit it or not, it is clear that nobody among us seems to be reading God’s Word anymore, and nobody seems to be obeying His commands anymore. Because of this, almost every Filipino has become more prone to committing  crimes and are more inclined to be licentious in every aspect of life, giving up even the most basic rules on good manners and right conduct.

Many Filipinos no longer think of what will happen to them after they die, or where they will go after they breathed their last. Since they are no longer reading the Bible, they have become ignorant that they have a soul which subsists after death, and which will stand trial for all that they have done here on earth. It is this ignorance that drives crime and criminality in this country.

* * * *

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