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Thursday, 27 November 2014 13:09

The Information Caravan made its way to the Tulungatung Transitory Site, the sixth leg in the second wave of the information campaign series, Tuesday.

Spearheaded by the City Government through the Communications Working Group (CWG), the Information Caravan kicked off with presentations from resource persons from the different rehabilitation clusters, followed by the open forum for the IDPs’ questions, concerns, and issues.

The information caravan was participated in by around 450 IDPs representing the families sheltered in the Tulungatung transitory site.

As with other caravans, the dialogue cum information campaign served as an avenue for the local government, humanitarian partners, and IDPs to meet and discuss the updates regarding the ongoing rehabilitation works.

Other inquiries and concerns were duly noted to be referred to proper channels and service providers for clarifications and action.

The Information Caravan is an ongoing effort of the CWG and its partners to counter rumors regarding rehabilitation and recovery concerns, as well as empower IDPs with accurate and timely information.

The series of caravans has so far visited all major evacuation centers and transitory sites. The second wave will be capped by the forthcoming caravans to the Grandstand and the Silisillah Paniran site, and to the home-based IDPs.  — Jasmine Mohammadsali