PPA marks 34th year PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 01 June 2011 16:30

Thirty four years ago, the port of Zamboanga consisted of one mere finger pier, and it could accommodate only two boats at a time. Today, with a sprawling port facility, the port of Zamboanga could accommodate an average of 21 boats at one time. From two berths in 1977 to twenty-four berths in 2011, the city’s pantalan has indeed grown exponentially. Today in fact, it is deemed to be among the country’s busiest transport facilities, ranking second to the port of Batangas in terms of passenger traffic.

This kind of growth only deserves a good celebration, especially when this year’s anniversary celebration honors a total of 24  milestone awardees, the greatest number in PPA-Zamboanga history.

Three employees have reached their 30-year milestone; while 21 personnel have reached their 25-year milestone. Port manager Leonilo E. Miole deems this year’s celebration as a great testament to progress, for it clearly emphasizes how PPA has evolved from a mere bureau to a financially-independent government-owned corporation.

The Philippine Ports Authority, in its 34th year, continues to grow in dedicated public service. The Authority has no other direction to go but forward, and it has no other goal to pursue but progress and development.