Ateneo to host public forum on the Fort Pilar restoration PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 03 December 2014 14:09

What’s best for Fort Pilar?

An expert in Philippine Spanish-era forts and in historical conservation will give a talk on Thursday, December 4, 2014 at 2pm at the Carlos Dominguez Hall of Ateneo de Zamboanga University. The forum is open to the public.

Fr. Rene Javellana, SJ is a artist, researcher, and author.  Among his books is Fortress of an Empire: Spanish Colonial Fortifications of the Philippines 1565-1898. He is the Art Management Coordinator of the Fine Arts Department, School of Humanities, Ateneo de Manila University.

The recent restoration work on the National Museum branch inside Fort Pilar resulted in controversy. Outspoken members of the public cried foul over what they called the desecration of the historic site. The National Museum tried to explain that the restoration work was necessary to prevent further decay of the centuries old fort.

Many remain unsatisfied with the explanations.

ADZU  hopes that the forum on Thursday will to educate the general public, clarify some issues and to let the people decide as to what is the best for the fort. The event is co-organized by the Ateneo Center for Culture and Arts and the Ateneo Social Sciences Department.

Fr. Javellana will specifically talk about the colonial architectural structures as a heritage asset of our past and how these structures share semblances with those of their counterparts in the archipelago when it comes to their construct. He will share acceptable methods and guiding principles employed in the restoration and preservation of these structures based on acceptable standards.

Other speakers are Brian Bango who will discuss about Zamboangueño social media activism on the Fort Pilar issue and Cristina Cañones will give a presentation on the visual history on the Rise and Vicissitudes of Fort Pilar   Both Bango and Canones are professors at the Department of Social Sciences of the ADZU School of Arts and Sciences. Canones is chair of the same deparment.

While the forum is open to the public, there are only 150 seats available at the venue. Interested parties are asked to call ahead so that a seat can be reserved for them. For inquiries, contact Maedelee S. De Villa of the AdZU Gallery at (62) 991 0871 local 4301 or at mobile number 09274408486.  – Research by Demmi Kaye Ressurecion, ABComm.