Pawnshop robbers ex-miners? PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 June 2011 17:07

Police are tracking down a group behind all pawnshop robberies in the city as investigators are eyeing men from out of town as behind the burglaries.
City Police Director Sr. Supt. Edwin De Ocampo said he and his men are looking deeper into the cases to determine the identities of the culprits and eventually arrest them.

De Ocampo said they are suspecting that these pawnshop robbers are professional miners or have experience in mining and entering a tunnel as they have techniques on how to survive underground.

He said that based on investigation and intelligence reports, the pawnshop robbers are from Luzon, but with no specific place or city.
De Ocampo said the robbers spend time in planning and know how to dig a tunnel towards their target establishment.

The three pawnshops that were robbed are located in Guiwan, Campaner and recently along Magay where the thieves left their tools after the burglary.
De Ocampo said these robbers appear to have financiers to buy tools such as handdrill, hydraulic jack, hammers and similar others.

The city police director said the robbers leave the tools  after taking the valuables from pawnshops for them to easily get out of the crime scene.
At the Magay pawnshop, the robbers got away with half a million pesos worth of cash and jewelries, while the gadgets that were left by them were worth only about  P70,000.

At the Campaner pawnshop, a total of P2million was taken, while the tools the robbers left were worth only P50,000.
De Ocampo said investigators are gathering more information that would lead to the arrest of the culprits.

The police chief appealed to pawnshop owners to monitor their neighbor-establishments as they learned that in Campaner pawnshop robbery, the robbers rented a space at the adjacent building before they staged the robbery at the said pawnshop.
Deocampo added that they are monitoring similar incidents in Zamboanga del Sur as they believe that these were perpetrated by the same group. — Dan Toribio Jr.