Zambo farmers now into cacao production PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 06 December 2014 14:41

Farmers in Upper Pamucutan and La Paz, Zamboanga City are now planting  cacao for its in demand beans in the world market..

Department of Environment and Natural Resources CENRO West NGP Project Coordinator Dindo E. Deoticio  disclosed that his office and AHS Agri Aqua Ventures provide assistance to the farmers for the Cacao seedings to improve their economic livelihood.

Deoticio revealed that there is currently a deficit in the supply of quality cacao beans in the world market.

The UF-18 cacao variety once planted, nourished and fully grown in 18 months to  two years, can produce two kilos of beans  every harvest. It is available at  AHS Agri-Aqua Ventures which has a nursery at the Nonito J. Bernardo Barangay Ayala

According to Deoticio, US needs 300 metric tons of good quality fermented cacao premium beans.

He said if farmers will not plant cacao there will be one million ton shortfall in 2020 in the world market.

Countries that produce Cacao  beans are Brazil with four percent, Ecuador four percent, Dominican Republic  one percent, Coted’Vpire 35 percent, Ghana 20 percent, Cameron 12 percent, Indonesia 14 percent, Papua New Guinea one percent, Malaysia  one percent and Philippines.

The cacao seedlings produced by AHS Agri – Aqua Ventures  is under Kennemer Foods International Inc. based Davao City.

Kennemr is a producer and marketer of food and agricultural products world worldwide. It specializes in growing and trading of high quality agricultural crops especially fermented cacao beans. The company is committed to rural development by promoting market transparency providing fair value pricing for produce and the implementation of sustainable farming practices. The process and programs of Kennemr is encompass complete agricultural value chain from planting materials and training agri- technology to market. — Allen Abastillas