‘Budol-Budol’ bleeds 2 women PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 13 December 2014 11:45

Con men of the notorious “Budol-Budol” gang struck anew victimizing two old women in separate incidents Wednesday and yesterday.

The first victim was a 73-year-old retired government employee and a resident of Tugbungan.

DZT gathered that the senior citizen met three men and one woman along Nunez Street last Wednesday.

It was learned that the four were able to convince her to hand over her P128,000, $100 and a gold ring in a purported lucrative investment deal.

Under the old modus operandi, the con men promised the old woman to double her money the following day.

The suspects left a small bag with a lock and told her that it contained millions of pesos. They promised to meet her again.

However on Thursday the victim decided to open the bag and was shocked to discover the bag contained  cut and folded papers.

In another similar incident, a 63-year old woman of Manicahan lost P3,000 in cash and some jewelry in a con job carried by a man and a woman downtown yesterday.

The victim told the police that she was at the grocery section of South way Square Mall when a man approached and befriended her.

She said the man brought her to a parked car outside the mall where a woman was waiting.

The victim said she felt as if she was hypnotized by the suspects.

They left her after taking her money and jewelry.

The  victim recalled that not long ago she was also victimized by Budol-Budol gang in the same mall. — Dan Toribio