Itu praises lawmen on Napolcom exec’s arrest PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 14 December 2014 14:19

Vice Mayor Cesar Ituralde yesterday praised authorities for the arrest of a National Police Commission regional director for an alleged extortion.

Ituralde told DZT that he recommends that law enforcers continue performing the job of removing persons in authority who are abusing their power.

“I praise and salute the authorities for the successful operation and we recommend the government to undertake more more of similar undertakings,” the vice mayor said.

Ituralde, who has good and clean record in government, has been fighting against any irregularities in the government.

The vice mayor’s statement came after police operatives from different units arrested Atty. Macapado T. Guro,  Napolcom regional  director during an entrapment operation at a restaurant in Sta. Maria Friday afternoon.

Guro reportedly demanded money from two policemen who face a complaint filed with Napolcom.

Guro promised the two policemen to drop their complaint in exchange of P10,000.

It was learned that one of the policemen had already given P10,000 to Guro, while the second police officer had sought assistance from police units for the entrapment operation.

Guro was handcuffed after he received the marked money from the complainant. He was taken to the 9th PNP crime laboratory for fluorescent powder test.

Police have readied charges against Guro. — Dan Toribio