Pascua landmarks draw people to brgys, City Hall PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 15 December 2014 11:52

The City’s Christmas landmark competition has transformed barangays into dazzling villages set aglow with thousands of Christmas lights adorning government buildings, landmarks and landscape drawing people from all walks of life nightly.

Adding attraction to the show of lights are live entertainment shows like concerts and other ‘pakulo’ that the different participating barangays present for the enjoyment of the people. The visitors are not only from the barangays but from other villages who wish to experience the countryside Christmas festivities.

Ten barangays- Manicahan, Mercedes, Sta. Catalina, Tumaga, Tetuan, Pasonanca, Sta. Maria, Sinunuc, Calarian and San Roque have submitted entries to the contest, whose last day of judging is today, Dec. 15. Announcement and awarding of winners will be tomorrow, Dec. 16 at Paseo del Mar at 6pm.

The landmarks and the Christmas festivities in the said barangays will continue until the end of the yuletide season.

Meanwhile, City Hall, which transforms into a majestic landmark that heralds the message of Paz or peace, the theme of this year’s yuletide season in the city, remains to be the mother of all Christmas landmarks.

Thousands of people – young and old alike flock to the iconic City Hall—virtually transformed into a fairyland. The colors blue and white or silver are prominent all over the entire façade of the 107-year old government building making it an emblem of peace. Giving a winter-like effect are the leafless twigs covered with snowflakes as they hang from the balcony to immortalise the words of Brian Selznick, who said: “I hope the snow covers everything so all the footsteps are silenced, and the whole city can be at peace.”

Assistant General Services Officer Arch. Rizamay Basing said led lights of snow drops and ice drops are used to represent falling snow at night, while the curling lights symbolize the need to spread peace to one another. The Nativity Scene locally known as “Belen” is mounted on an elevated platform at the foreground for better viewing and appreciation.

At Plaza Pershing, the Christmas trees seem topped with snow; giant snowflakes spread on the ground as if they were snow. The toy soldiers or nutcrackers represent the peacekeepers. Then, a touch of red is added to the color of lights and decors, signifying the colors of the flag.

Paseo del Mar is another sight to behold this Season. A Christmas tree that stands 60 feet tall is decked with star-lights with the giant star atop, giving an impression of a night sky with falling stars. At the foot of the tree are giant Christmas balls aesthetically arranged to appear they had felled from the giant tree—where everything on it is tied and intertwined altogether by the net of blue rope lights for unity.

Pascua na Zamboanga, a month-long festivity to spread Christmas cheers to the constituents particularly the children, kicked off December first. — Sheila Covarrubias