Still no price hike on Noche Buena items PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 16 December 2014 11:45

With just 10 days from Christmas, prices of noche buena items remain stable and has not seen any increase according to DTI-Zamboanga City Office report.

In a monitoring conducted last week, major food products served during Christmas and New Year celebrations are still within the suggested retail prices (SRPs), with some even lower than the SRP. Comparative price monitoring from November 7 up to last week showed no movement of prices in supermarkets or groceries.

In a statement from DTI-Zamboanga City Consumer Protection Division Chief Mr. Ceferino J. Rubio, the city and the whole region in general, enjoy lower prices compared to Luzon and Visayas because of bigger stock inventories.

“Zamboanga City is far from the source of these products. If store owners have to purchase their stocks inventories, they don’t do it on a weekly or a 15 day consumption basis. Usually, they buy stocks of up to 2 months or more, thus, when there is an adjustment in the prices in Manila, our prices here remain the same, unlike stores in Manila which maintain inventories of 3 to 5 days since suppliers are just around the corner”, Rubio explained.

As of last week, prices of one kilo ham are still the same as of last November, ranging from P195.00 to P580.00, depending on the brand and type of ham. Those with tighter budget can purchase half kilo of ham for P139.00.

Prices of spaghetti and macaroni pasta have also remained the same from last month. A kilo of spaghetti starts from P59.00 up to P88.30 while macaroni pasta is at P69.00 to P119.00. Tomato sauce (1 kilo pack) is from P59.75 to P62.50, while spaghetti sauce prices start at P66.75 to P80.00 for one kilo pack. Consumers can still opt for smaller packs if budget is their concern.

Prices of mayonnaise are noted to be lower than the SRPs from DTI by at least P2.00 to as high as P8.00. Other noche buena items like fruit cocktail, cheese, and all-purpose cream are still within the issued SRP or even lower as per DTI monitoring.

Mr. Rubio advised the public to buy as early as possible and avoid last minute buying for a convenient shopping experience this Christmas Season. — MVC/DTI-9