8 helpful tips to avoid becoming victims of street criminals PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 04 June 2011 17:25

The police yesterday issued eight helpful anti-crime tips to avoid becoming victims of criminalities on the opening of classes next week.
City Police Director Sr. Supt. Edwin De Ocampo disclosed that apart from the crime prevention actions being conducted by authorities, the public should also know some ways to protect themselves from lawless people.

The first tip, De Ocampo said is that students should not wear valuable jewelry or carry big amount of money. Wearing of jewelry and carrying big amount of money can call the attention of thieves or pickpockets.

Second tip is that in going home after classes, students or teachers must always pass or walk on lighted roads and not along secluded and dimly lit paths.
Third, avoid using shortcut roads especially in less crowded place or in a place where criminalities are rampant.
Fourth, do not trust people who are not known to you.Obey the advice of parents not to talk to strangers.
Fifth, be familiar with the place where you use to pass by especially at night time.

Sixth, don’t accept any offers from strangers especially in giving free rideat any time of the day.
Seventh, if possible don’t walk alone onmorning, afternoon and at night time.

And eighth, lock the doors, all windows of service vehicles and also lock the steering bar of the motorcycle when parking it in a certain place.
De Ocampo said policemen under his command have conferred with the different units and stations and the military and came up with security measures that will be implemented in schools, both private and public, during the opening of classes.

De Ocampo said police personnel with team leaders will be assigned in the different schools including in the barangays, to secure the students, teachers and other civilians.

The police chief added that the Traffic Section will deploy more personnel in the streets as they expect heavy traffic in some intersections because of the volumes of vehicles. — Dan Toribio Jr. and Allen Abastillas