Police arrest 3 suspects in Monday night explosion PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 02 January 2015 15:06

Operatives of the City Police Office (ZCPO) have arrested three persons linked to Monday night’s bomb explosion at a downtown massage parlor adjacent to another similar parlor where two bombs exploded and wounded a policeman and a sniff dog last November 9.

City Police Director Sr. Supt. Angelito Casimiro told reporters the three suspects were arrested in follow-up operations launched by policemen after the bomb exploded around 8:55 p.m. at the Princess massage parlor and videoke bar along Tomas Claudio Street, some100 meters from the Central Police Station.

Casimiro identified those arrested as Marcel Jumadil y Amak, an IDP (evacuee) staying at the Enriquez sport complex evacuation center, Jumadan Dassan, 40, of Jolo, Zulu and Alshirif Sabdani y Asebe,49, of Tawi-Tawi.

Employees of the Princess Massage told DZT the three entered the massage parlor at past 8 p.m. and one of them asked for a massage service. However the massage parlor staff noticed that one of the three was carrying a plastic bag containing a biscuit plastic container.

The staff called the attention of the trio and became suspicious of their container.

The staff asked the three to open their baggage but the latter refused to do so.

At this point, one of the massage attendants went to get a flashlight to see the baggage,  but one of the suspects brought it to the stairs.

One of the male employees identified as  Richard said he saw the plastic container abandoned at the stairs and moments later it exploded.

The employees said the suspects were still inside the parlor when the IED exploded.

After the explosion, responding policemen spotted Jumadil on a motorcycle that sped westward and  violating the one-way regulation along Tomas Claudio street.

He was held by the policemen and brought to Police Station 11 for questioning.

The staff of the Princess Massage identified him as one of those carrying the suspicious baggage which exploded on the stairs.

Few minutes later, Jumadil’s cellphone rang. He was told by police investigators to answer it on a loud speaker mode.

The caller asked Jumadil if he was arrested. He answered no as instructed by the police. Then the caller told him that he and their third companion were at a hideout at Aquino Drive, Baliwasan.

Policemen of Station 11 and other police teams swooped down on Aquino Drive and arrested the two.

They were also positively identified by the employees of Princess Massage.

Police said the bombers behind Monday night’s blast were the perpetrators of the twin bombings that took place on another adjacent massage parlor named Deluxe Massage where a  member of the City Police Office’s explosive ordnance demolition (EOD) and his K9 sniff dog named “Diego” were wounded last November 9 Dan Toribio

Casimiro said no one was injured in the blast.

But witnesses told DZT that two female masseuse of Princess Massage suffered slight injuries.

The stairs where the bomb was left collapsed and some parts of the adjacent establishment were also damaged.

“We cannot still determine the affiliation of the group,” he added when asked if the suspects are members of the Abu Sayyaf Group,” Casimiro said.

He added that the post-blast investigators have yet to determine the type of improvised bomb that exploded at the Princess massage parlor and videoke bar.

He said they have yet to establish the motive of the incident. — Dan Toribio Jr.