Vehicle restriction in police camps triggers complaints PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 June 2011 17:59

Many people are complaining against Kalasag 2011, a letter of instruction issued by the Philippine National Police, restricting the entry of motorvehicles in police camps including Camp Abendan and Camp Batalla.
In this city, most of the complainants are those doing business or transacting at the Highway Patrol Group 9, Firearms Explosive Security Agency  Guard Section Office and Police Regioal Office 9 Crime Laboratory at Camp Batalla.

Kalasag 2011 requires all motorvehicles entering all police camps to register with the Regional Intelligence Unit for a pass card or decal (sticker).
Several vehicle owners said there is no need for them to register because they are members of PNP and they are entering Camp Batalla only to seek motorvehicle clearance or ask for information at the HPG 9 when they buy a secondhand motorvehicle so that they will not be cheated by sellers.

One suggestion from a motor vehicle owner is for PRO9 Director Chief Supt. Elpidio Z. De Asis Jr. to make an amendment of the letter of instruction to exempt those who are conducting business at Camp Batalla so that it will not delay their time.
For example,  motorvehicle owners who are  required for a macro-etching of their vehicles at PRO9 Crime Laboratory Office or applying for a gun license at the FESAGS 9.

A businessman suggested that Chief Supt. De Asis can issue security visitor tag and directs the camp commander to issue it to persons conducting important business at Camp Batalla. — Allen Abastillas