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Friday, 16 January 2015 11:39

The prestigious Golden Crescent Achievement Awards for Leadership (SAPPHIRE) is now on its 45th year and Academic Excellence, its 15th year of service to the youth, an annual award bestowed to graduating high school students in some selected high schools in the city.

It was in 1970, according to Prof. Ali T. Yacub, Al-Hj., founder and benefactor of this award,  which started its initial years at the Zamboanga City High School Main, Prof. Yacub’s Alma Mater, and the defunct Zamboanga A.E. Colleges High School Department, the school where the founder had his first teaching career.

GCCPBA Media asked Prof. Yacub what motivated him to initiate such a prestigious award at present from its humble beginning of bestowing only to Muslim students in 1970 until year 2000.

Yacub explained that it was his concern for his fellow Muslims to accelerate in the studies not only in academics but more importantly, the development of their leadership potentials. Beyond the founder’s expectation, many of the recipients were not only excellent in leadership but many of them became valedictorians.

From 1970, of an initial two schools, the award expanded to other schools by 2011, it was not only the Zamboanga City High School and the ZAEC High School, but extended to Don Pablo Lorenzo Memorial High School, Ferndale International School, Regional Science High School, Southern City Colleges High School, Universidad de Zamboanga Technical High School (successor of the defunct ZAEC High School), Zamboanga State College of Marine Sciences and Technology Laboratory High School, Zamboanga  City State Polytechnic CollegeLaboratory High School, Zamboanga National High School, Zamboanga National High School-West and Zion Evangelical School. As of today, other schools have gained the rank of recipient schools, namely, WMSU Laboratory High School, Ateneo de Zamboanga University High School, St. Joseph High School. By 2011 to the present, public schools in the east coast and west coast are now partners and recipient schools, Yacub happily noted with a tearful eye.

He recalled that from 1970, the award was for Muslim students only, however, the distinction was lifted in year 2000 to accommodate non-Muslim applicants, provided, they meet the strict criteria of selection.

Recalling with pride, among the recipients are:

1. Albert Majini (ZCHS, 1973, in whose name the Majini pier is named at the WESMINCOM Naval Command). He died in action in one of the battles near Basilan Prov. with the MNLF.

2. Gaffar Lutian, Jr., ZCHS, 1978, he is a Proctor and Gamble lawyer

3. Saida Sadain, ZCHS, 1982, currently a Doctor of Medicine at Doctor’s Hospital

4. Nickson Muksan, ZCHS, 1983, a PNP officer

5. Laiza Masuhod Alamia, ZCHS, 1989, she is a lawyer, currently the Executive Secretary of the ARMM Governor

6. Afdal B. Kunting, ZCHS 1990, a medical doctor at the Zamboanga City Medical Center

7. Wahab Amil, (ZAEC H.S., 1971, owner of Amil’s Tower and Weesam Fast Craft

8. Wahid Amil (ZAEC H.S 1978, owner of Pilman Tours and Travel and a ranking Alim of the DarulIfta’)

9. Aliakbar T. Jumrani (ZCHS-West, 1995, a lawyer at the Court of Appeals)

10. Melchor K. Sadain (ZCHS, 1983, but his award was bestowed only in 1998. He is now a City Councilor and a lawyer)

11. Aldrin B. Abdurahim (ZSCMST H.S. 2002, a delayed bestowal of his award. He is a communications engineer, former WMSU USC President)

Other awardees who are alumni of the GOLDEN CRESCENT ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS are now serving in the private sectors as well as in government offices and institutions, here and abroad, Prof. Yacub said