Armed group report turns out to be land owner, bodyguards PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 18 January 2015 14:28

Rumors on the presence of an armed group harassing residents of Barangay Mangusu was confirmed Friday after a land owner and about 10 companions arrived and destroyed a house occupying his property.

The house’s occupants were forced to leave the place.

Lorenzo Agustin y Rodero, 63, farmer, reported to the Vitali Police Station that Adamson Antao with about 10 armed men destroyed their house.

Agustin told the police that Antao and his men appeared at their house at Sitio Duncaan, Mangusu and threatened to burn their residence if they would not leave.

Terrified, Agustin and his family left their residence and later found out that their house was totally destroyed.

In connection with the incident, DZT received reports before the year end that a group of armed men was harassing some  residents in Mangusu and were telling them to leave the place as Antao is the new owner of the land where their houses sit.

No less than some kagawads brought the matter to the city council but their barangay chairman and the Vitali police station denied the presence of the armed group. — Dan Toribio