Cop faces murder charge on female cop’s gunslay PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 19 January 2015 17:13

Police have forwarded to the City Prosecutor Office a murder case against a policeman who was tagged as the gunman who shot and killed a policewoman in his residence at Estrada Drive, San Roque.

A police report disclosed that after the arrest of PO3 Jose Dexter Esquilona y Padua, a thorough investigtation was conducted during which proofs were gathered linking him to the killing of PO1 Nurhina Tidal y Sumaoy, also of San Roque.

Esquilona was taken to the city prosecutor office for inquest for murder under IS # IX-06-INQ-15A-00065 dated January 16, 2015, and after the police presented all the necessary documents to support the recommendation of the case, Esquilona availed of his rights and signed a 15-day waiver.

Esquilona was brought back to the Sta. Maria Police Station and was detained again for15 days during which he would decide on his legal counsel or other necessary legal actions to defend himself in court.

To recall, on January 14 at past 8 p.m.,Tidal reportedly went to the house of Esquilona and confronted him on some personal matter.The confrontation turned into  a heated argument.

It was learned that Tidal was pregnant and allegedly had an illicit affair with Esquilona.

During their altercation, Tidal’s 9mm pistol went off hitting her body killing her.

Police suspect it was Esquilona who squeezed the trigger while they were engaging in a heated argument. – Dan Toribio Jr.