3 pistols smuggled into jail for detained Abus seized (ABU ATTACK PLOT FOILED) PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 21 January 2015 17:44

An Abu Sayyaf attack and destabilization plot in Zamboanga City, part of which an attempt to spring its captured members detained at the city jail, was aborted following the seizure of three .45 caliber pistols and several rounds of ammunition that were smuggled into the jail Monday morning.

City Jail Warden Chief Insp. Julius Arro said the three pistols with 10 magazines and 140 rounds of ammunition embedded at the bottom of two charcoal stoves (calan de carbon) were brought to the jail by a woman claiming they are  intended for cooking by her detained Abu Sayyaf relatives facing various charges including kidnappings and murders.

Police sources said the main part of the Abu Sayyaf plot was for its 30 detained members to kill some jailguards using the smuggled pistols, disarmed the others and escape, while other Abu Sayyaf gunmen would surface and attack the City Police Office and other police units downtown before making an escape through R. T. Lim Boulevard going to either Basilan or Sulu.

Arro said there are 30 Abu Sayyaf members in detention at the city jail.

He said that at past 10 a.m. Monday an unidentified woman appeared at the gate of the jail, handed two charcoal  stoves to the jail guards and asked them to give it to  Abu Sayyaf sub leaders Jamil Ajijul and Termiji Ahmad.

However Arro said his men became suspicious of the woman who nervous amd in a hurry to leave.

Arro ordered his men to observe the movements of the detained Abu Sayyaf members who received the stoves.

Arro’s men saw the Abu Sayyaf detainees trying to destroy the two stoves which prompted him to order its confiscation,

The jail warden said they were surprised to see the hollow bottom of the stoves, containing pistols and ammunition.

Arro immediately reported the the matter to the police for proper investigation.

Earlier Arro placed his men on high alert status following reports of rescue plot by the Abu Sayyaf of its detained members.

Policemen and soldiers from the military’s Task Force Zamboanga have surrounded the perimeter of the city jail, while the Police Bomb Squad scanned all the jail cells for any explosives.

Arro recommended to  Bureau of Jail Management and Penology in Manila to ask the Supreme Court for the immediate transfer of the Abu Sayyaf members to a Manila detention cell where there are other militants detained for various cases of kidnapping, extortion and murder.

The militant group had a history of staging jailbreaks in Basilan.

In December 13, 2009,  31 prisoners, mostly Abu Sayyaf members escaped after more than 100 gunmen raided the jail in the capital city of Isabela, Basilan.

One escapees was killed in a clash and another was captured.  The Abu Sayyaf members staged the daring raid, by punching a hole on the prison walls and killing a jail guard before overpowering the three other guards and springing the prisoners.

One of the attackers was also killed in an ensuing firefight that wounded another jail guard, he said.

It was the fourth time in five years that prisoners had escaped from the provincial jail. At least 3 Abu Sayyaf prisoners – tagged as behind the beheading of 10 soldiers in Basilan – also escaped in December 2008 from the provincial jail after overpowering their guards.

In July 2007, at least 16 hardened criminals, including four Abu Sayyaf militants, escaped from the prison after destroying the windows of their cell.

In April 2004, at least 53 of the more than 130 prisoners at the provincial jail, including 19 Abu Sayyaf members, also escaped using a smuggled .45-caliber pistol which they used in overpowering the guards.