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Thursday, 22 January 2015 13:33

Team ZAMBOECOZONE, the marketing and promotions arm of the ZAMBOECOXONE and Freeport Authority, surpassed its targeted number of new locators for 2014 by more than triple as the promotions team drew in 7 new locators last year. These locators brought with them a committed investments totaling over 11.25million pesos and a combined committed employment of 388.

The new registrants are: New Tradition Agrifarm and Trading for a 50-hectare Banana and Tapioca Farm; A. Tung Chingco Manufacturing Corporation, engaged in the warehousing of Ligo Sardines products; Eco Bottling Enterprises for a water bottling facility; Leadership Manpower Services Inc., the man power service provider of Artnature Philippines; Gabar Manpower Agency Incorporated the manpower service provider of Seachamp International Export Corporation; AML Fastfood; and AHS Agri-aqua Ventures for a 10-hectare Cacao plantation and nursery.

Currently, ZAMBOECOZONE has twenty registered locators coming from varied industries.  As of the end of 2014, these locators has generated a total 981 employment and 694 million in actual investments out of the nearly 13 billion committed investments.

Fifteen are situated in the 1st Industrial Park, namely: San Miguel Foods Inc., engaged in raw materials inventory of feeds; Ascent Specialist Inc., the tolling partner of San Miguel, is engaged in animal feeds manufacturing under the BMEG brand; Seachamp International Export Corporation is engaged in the processing and export of octopus and other marine products to North America and Europe and other markets; Gabar Manpower Agency Incorporated; Artnature Philippines Inc., a Japanese-owned wig-making company; Helping  Hand Development Corporation and Leadership Manpower Services Inc., the manpower providers for Arnature Philippines; Globe Telecom; Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company; Rowell Can Corporation, engaged in warehousing; Mi casita, a restaurant and catering service company; PIC Asia, a consultancy firm; Eco Bottling Enterprises; AML Fastfood; and A. Tung Chingco Manufacturing Inc.

The 2nd Industrial Park houses 3 locators, these are: CTK Asia Rubber Corporation, a Korean-owned company and engaged in the manufacture of technically specified rubber; San Ramon Power Inc., a subsidiary of Alsons Consolidated Resources Inc., for a 100 Mega Watt coal-fired power plant, with an allotted area 33.7 hectares; and New Traditions Agri Farm with 50 hectares allotted area. CTK occupies a 2 hectares area.

Primewater Infrastructure Corporation, a utilities provider, is situated in the ZAMBOECOZONE Highlands, with a 50-hectare area. Primewater will treat and supply bulk water to the Zamboanga City Water District and the ZAMBOECOZONE.Also located in the Highlands is AHS Agri-aqua Ventures.

As of December 2014, 19 prospective locators are in different stages of approval. 15applicants are for the 1st Industrial Park, 2 for the 2nd Industrial Park, and 2 for the Highlands.

The total committed investments of these 19 prospective locators is Php 284,336, 547.00 with a total aggregate area requirement of 2,262 hectares.

The enterprise section of the Marketing and Enterprise Development Division has outstripped its performance of last year with the momentous increase of exports performance by the ZAMBOECOZONE locators, which experienced 38%upsurge as compared with the figures of the previous year. Total export for 2014 was over US$ 5,083,873.00.

Contributing to this remarkable figure are the notable export of CTK Asia Rubber Corporationand Seachamp International Export Corporation.

CTK’s total exports of 2013 was been exceeded by over 96%in 2014, which are primarily shipped to Korea and China, and reached 1.66 million US Dollars as of December 2014.

Seachamp’s export figures of 2014 showed a significant increase of nearly 21% as compared with 2013. Total export of Seachamp reached 3.42 million US Dollars as of December 2014.

The various promotional activities and information dissemination undertakings of the Authority engendered a positive interest in the local and international business community and resulted to the submission of twenty-six (26) letters of intent. The economic gains that the ZamboEcozone has achieved coupled with the growing investors’ confidence underscores the all-important role of the zone as the hub in the development of Zamboanga Peninsula, making the region a vibrant and dynamic player in the ASEAN Integration. — Albi A. Marquez/Information Officer III