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Monday, 02 February 2015 15:25

BANGUINGUI, Sulu – A new socio-economic direction and tourism development is a thing to be achieved by the municipal government here as cited at the closing, Saturday of the three-day festivities marking the 15th year founding anniversary of this town.

Mayor Whajid I Sahidulla said his vision to adopt a more suitable direction in socio-economic activities coupled with tourism development is aimed at uplifting the living condition of his constituents  here  and  liberate them  from poverty.

This year’s celebration of the 15th year founding anniversary of the municipality carries the theme “Unity is the key to peace and  prosperity.”

Sahidulla said “peace, progress and development  goes hand  in hand. We cannot  attained  progress and  development without peace,”  the  mayor told a crowd of about 800 people, gathered  at the open stage of Dungon Elementary School in the  village of Dungon in   the municipality.

The local government also  sponsored a “bancarera” (pumpboat racing)  and  a colorful vinta parade here, Friday, January 30 and has invited top government officials, police and military including some  travel agents from   Zamboanga City to see for themselves the natural landscape of the  island shores of Banguingui.

Banguingui  has 14 island Barangays – Bakkaan, Bangalaw, Danao, Dungon, Kahikukuk, Luuk (Pob.), North Paarol, Sigumbal, South Paarol, Tabialan, Tainga-Bakkao or (Talinga-bakau), Tambun-bubu, Tattalan and Tinutungan.

The 14 barangays  are surrounded by a clear white sand beaches  and  crystal clear sea waters coupled with  panoramic views of the islands and islets it has  around the  beaches.

He said the people  living in the town mostly belong to the  Banguingui tribe (a peace loving gypsies)  which is why his town is very peaceful as compared to other towns in Sulu.

The local chief executive here also reported that the “untouched forested areas” of the  town is also serving as the home of the Philippine eagle and other endangered bird species while the fully grown mangroves areas around the island are also serving as  habitat of fish of different species.

Other coastal areas of the town are  also  being utilized by the marginal  sea farmers in planting seaweeds and high valued shell products, Sahidulla concluded. — Nonoy E Lacson