IBT ordinance approved on 1st reading PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 02 February 2015 15:26

The City Council has approved on first reading a proposed ordinance establishing, operationalizing and regulating the Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT) at Barangay Divisoria.

The proposed ordinance will create and define the functions of the IBT Committee, authorizing the imposition of  reasonable rental rates and other fees and charges including the penalties for violations of contract and for other purposes.

Councilor Gerry “Totong“ Perez said that majority of the members of Council supported the proposed ordinance during the first reading.

The local legislative body is set to schedule the approval of the said ordinance for second reading.

On the other hand,  The City Council is set to schedule the  approval on first reading a proposed Ordinance prohibiting  drag racing in Zamboanga City and imposing penalties on violators. —  Allen Abastillas