Climaco to brgy execs: Be proactive in times of crises PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 06 February 2015 14:36

Mayor Beng Climaco has called anew on all barangay officials in Zamboanga to always stay proactive rather than reactive in times of crises, be they natural calamities, human-induced incidents and other unwanted occurrences.

Speaking at the inter-barangay security seminar last Wednesday at Centro Latino, Mayor Climaco stressed that the barangay officials, especially the chairmen, are the first responders to any and all incidents in their respective communities.

“Be proactive. You should not act only during emergency situations,” she told the barangay officials, and urged the chairmen, who are the incident commanders, to organize team of people who will respond to emergency situations.

The chief executive said in the city government level, for instance, City Administrator Antonio Orendain Jr. is the incident commander, who oversees the operation of the command center in City Hall, while I monitor with the police in times of the crises.

Climaco emphasized that the barangays must initiate measures for security of the community and its people. “We should do our work. Security is everybody’s responsibility.”

Sad to say, she lamented, every time an incident happened some people would blame it on the police and the mayor. “But I would like to share the burden wth everyone because after all todo kita ta keda na un ciudad de Zamboanga.”

“All of us must do our share. We should never lose hope, never to lose faith in the city of Zamboanga because this is our home,” Climaco stressed

With the city’s growing population, now almost a million, and vast land area plus protracted coastlines, Climaco said the police and the military cannot do it by themselves alone; they need the support and cooperation of the barangay officials and the people in the community.

The city’s police-civilian ratio at present is 1:600, meaning one policeman for every 600 people.

She said one important role of the barangay officials is to encourage the citizens to be vigilant against suspicious persons and unattended baggage in the community, and report them to the authorities immediately. — Vic Larato