38 illegal slaughterhouses in Zambo City face closure PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 February 2015 12:00

The local government’s Task Force Karne has recommended the closure of 38 slaughterhouses that are found operating illegally.

Amelia Amar, Task Force Karne team leader, said Monday the 38 slaughterhouses that were operating illegally are owned by businessmen engage in lechon business.

Amar said they discovered the illegal operations of the slaughterhouses during series of inspections they have conducted.

Amar said they have already forwarded the recommendation to close all the 38 illegal slaughterhouses and is just waiting for the release of closure order.

Amar also said that the Office of the City Veterinarian did not approve the operations of the slaughterhouses by businessmen engage in lechon business.

Meanwhile, she said the city government would be putting up roasting area in its slaughterhouse to service businessmen engage in lechon business.

She said they will continue to monitor to ensure no slaughterhouses are operating illegally in this city. — RGAAG