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Tuesday, 10 February 2015 12:04

Residents of the city yesterday paid tribute to Roseller Tarroza Lim, the only Zamboangueño to have been elected to the Philippine Senate, in celebration of his 100th birth anniversary.

Highlight of the celebration was Lim’s legacy of greatness and service to the people of Zamboanga, the region and the entire country citing his contributions not only in terms of legislation but also in setting a standard in public service.

“Ele un Zamboangueño que ya vivi el ejemplo del cosa quita ta sujiri este dia, ejemplo de un servidor public que ya dedica su vida para na manera de legislacion. Ele un persona de coraje, que ya levanta para conversa para el bien y estar y justicia,” Mayor Beng Climaco, who led the different “Dia de Roseller T. Lim activities Monday, said.

Climaco said Lim’s most important legacy to the Zamboangueños is his love for the city which he expressed in the many contributions and achievements he attained in his lifetime. “Muchisimas gracias por el legacia que vosotros ta dale mira canamon. Si Roseller T. Lim es un inspiracion cay ele un valiente ciudadano, un verdadero Zamboangueño.”

Rosamie, one of the daughters of Roseller Lim said her father was a very simple man who did not succumbed to temptations including corruption. “Cuando ele senador, ni un pedaso de lote nuay le acumula. Whatever we have inherited is from my mom. When he was alive, he said I could have left you millions but I leave you more than the millions, I leave you a good name.”

The Lim family was in full force during the different activities celebrating Dia de Roseller yesterday starting from the unveiling of the Installation Art at the Plaza Pershing, the flag raising ceremony, the opening memorabilia exhibit at City Hall, the commemorative mass at Carmelite, the wreatlaying ceremony at the R.T. Lim Monument in Normal Road and the awarding ceremonies for the Five Outstanding Zamboangueno Young Leaders (FOZYL) at a local hotel. Among the relatives were Lim’s brothers former vice mayor Roberto and former National Bureau of Investigation Director Rosegildo Lim and other siblings, children and nephews, nieces and grandchildren from Manila and even abroad.

Rosamie thanked the City Government headed by the mayor for continuously honouring her father in fitting ceremonies every year.

The Dia de Roseller Lim yesterday was the 9th since Ordinance 283 was approved enacted. The celebration was themed “Celebrating a century legacy of greatness and service”.

Lim, known as the Great Filibuster, was full of accomplishments in his political career. As a Congressman, Lim passed several laws which piloted and furthered developments in the peninsula. One of his most notable legislation was the Republic Act 711 which divided Zamboanga into Zamboanga del Norte and Zamboanga del Sur. He introduced House Bills creating the Social Security System, providing for sickness, unemployment, retirement disability and death benefits for employees and laborers. He worked on improving laws regulating the employment of women and children, and prescribed five days of labor weekly for all government employees and granting them extra compensation for overtime work. In the field of education, he also authored house bills for the establishment of a School of Fisheries in Zamboanga City and conversion of Zamboanga Trade School into a Regional School of Arts & Trade known as the Zamboanga City Regional School of Arts and Trade.

As a Senator, among the bills he filed which became laws, were those amending the Social Security Act, the Magna Carta of Labor, the Philippine Labor Code, the Woman and Children Labor Law, the establishment of an Apprenticeship Training System in the Philippines and creation of the National Apprenticeship Council. In 1957, he was instrumental for the inclusion of the Philippines in the International Labor Organization and the Immigration Committee. Other bills he proposed included the creation of Committee on National Minorities to study the problems concerning non-Christian Filipinos, R.A. 3034 creating the Mindanao Development Authority. — Sheila Covarrubias