Climaco: Firm support to Pnoy administration PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 February 2015 12:06

Mayor Beng Climaco remains supportive of the Aquino administration amidst calls for the resignation of the President over the Mamasapano clash which left 44 PNP-Special Action Forces (SAF) commando dead.

In the press briefing Monday, February 9, at the Camp Romeo Abendan Headquarters in Mercedes, Climaco said that as a public official, the President has a mandate of service to the people that he needs to see through.

“Si ele ay resigna, sale na disuyu pwesto, then that means an abandonment of his mandated task to serve the people,” said Climaco.

Moreover, Climaco believes that public officials should not get carried away by their emotions but instead, should always be guided by their mandate.

“The way I see it, as elected public officials, el mandato gat debe kanaton guia. Mucho emotion ta sale but for us, let us focus on the task and the law,” she said.

Climaco also underscored the need to temper emotions with logic – a lesson she learned in her experience with Aquino during the Zamboanga Siege where the President’s actions, at times, ran contrary to what the people wanted.

“The City of Zamboanga wanted the President to be very aggressive in his military action, and we were so very emotional. But instead, they used the preemptive calibrated response, and the question would be, were they able to successfully respond to the mission? I would say, yes. We were able to do it with the guidance of His Excellency,” she said.

The Mayor also disclosed that the League of Cities stands behind the President, and will be coming out with its statement of support soon. — Jasmine Mohammadsali