Climaco reminds cops on PNP motto: Serve, protect civilians PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 February 2015 12:06

Mayor Beng Climaco has reminded the officers, men and women of the Philippine National Police (PNP) regional office 9 of the PNP motto to serve and protect the civilian populace even as she thanked all those who have dutifully lived and continues to live up to their profession’s aphorism.

“Let us focus on the PNP motto to serve and protect. Let this be a guide for us to ensure, maintain and implement. We, the civilian populace, depend on you in the PNP to serve and protect us,” Mayor Climaco said in her message to keynote the 24th PNP Anniversary yesterday morning at Camp Abendan in Mercedes.

Climaco said the PNP, 24 years after its creation, stands at a crucial period that stemmed from the heroism of the Fallen 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos in their mission to serve warrants to notorious terrorists, bomb experts Marwan and Usman.

“The events have led to the resignation of chief PNP and an ongoing inquiry, quite difficult realities our nation is facing. We must exert all efforts for sweep justice and call for unity to allow the investigative process to be conducted,” she said, adding that “unity amidst all different voices that press a threat to the integrity of the PNP and our government.”

According to the chief executive, Zamboanga City looks with gratitude at the heroism of the PNP combined with the military, Coast Guard and Armed Forces “to serve and protect us,” as she emphasized that security is a priority.

“Unless we strengthen our security, economic progress is difficult to achieve,” Climaco emphasized. For the 1,604 PNP personnel in Zamboanga, she said, the city government has given P18.48 million in allowances annually.

For 2015, she said the city government will purchase for the police 157 handheld radio units with battery packs, 7 motor vehicles, 62 motorcycles and 50 firearms plus 1 police van with complete equipment and accessories for the city police and TFZ.

This year also, a new Zamboanga Central Police Station building worth P30 million will be constructed at the back of City Hall, particularly in the area once occupied by the former Zambagora Barter Trade.

Meanwhile, the mayor said she has been pressing for the meritorious promotion of all the PNP, military, Coast Guard and other AFP personnel who served and protected Zamboanga City during the siege in September 2013, noting that most of the Fallen 44 SAF commandos were among them. — Vic Larato