WW2 bombs, ammunition dug up in San Jose Gusu PDF Print E-mail
Friday, 13 February 2015 13:46

Three World War 2 vintage bombs and several rounds of ammunition for a 30 caliber machine gun were dug and retrieved from a construction site where a gas station will rise in San José Gusu.

The recovery of the bombs and ammunition took place Wednesday and yesterday.

During an ocular inspection by the police, it was found out that after construction workers dug several feet deep where big fuel tanks are to be placed, they were surprised to see three vintage bombs buried at the bottom.

Immediately the digging stopped and the discovery was reported to the police for proper handling.

Policemen and bomb experts successfully retrieved the bombs.

When the digging resumed yesterday they found one sling of ammunition for 30 caliber machine gun and several separate bullets of the same caliber.

Policemen theorized that the ammos and explosives were buried by Japanese soldiers during the World War 2. — Dan Toribio