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Saturday, 21 February 2015 13:31

BY Berlie G. Yap


Nathalie just turned exactly 18 years old on Thursday, February 18. She has been, at least, four years now in our community. Unbelievably, how time flies. She started attending our congregation when she was yet a junior high school student. She was introduced in our group through his Kuya, Franz, who also just had graduated as a nurse from a university at that time.

Nath is now in her college sophomore year and is taking up SPED, in his Kuya’s university. I was moved to how her family, Kuya Franz and our community’s youths expressed their sympathy and, particularly, their love and protection to the young woman.

Lines like, “Never yet engage in any relationship, remember how huge are your guys/church mates who will oversee you”, said Andy Mark, and “Study first before boyfriends”, mumbled by Lance.

In a world of uncertainty, how nice it is to know that you can have a real group to watch your back, which all they wanted is your success and good future. There how many friends you have who also love you with the same degree, who do not want you to be hurt? If you have some, you are fortunate because such specie is hard to find nowadays!

Friendship is a gift. Nobody on earth can survive without some allies around. As it is said, no man is an island. However, there are sometimes a few acquaintances that we can have who actually are not real friends. They often only attach to us because they have something they want or can get from us.

Friendship is a bilateral relationship—where each one contributes to the development of the bonds. When selfish ambitions or personal advancements subtly allude to any party of the friendship, it could definitely destroy it. Sincerity is its cementing factor which binds both of them so well up to eternity.

Very nice to see when a friendship continues to stay pure, and everyone in the same circle later became successful because all helped and prayed for each other. We have three young ladies in our community 10 years ago, whom we named as the power-puff girls—Jen, Glyzza and Love.

Their friendship is amazing and very exemplary, even up to now despite that each of them is already in their own lives. All of them graduated and passed the board exam as nurses. Glyzza is now in Canada. Sshe’s been there for 5 years, Jen in Saudi, for two years, and Love in Cavite with her husband as a professor at a maritime academy, since last year.

They still continue to communicate each other online. Often when I could read their lines, I couldn’t avoid to either smile or shed tears of joy because of their love and bonds. Theirs is indeed a true friendship that may endure to perpetuity. God has also been very faithful to bless them by giving them good success.

Being their mentor, in the years, made me feel with godly pride—that somehow I touched young and tender lives in their formative years. It also is a sense of reward to see them successful and that they are also now starting to build their own homes. To God be the glory.

Betrayal is the ugly poison that definitely destroys, either automatically or gradually, a friendship which originally did start as a good one. It is, thus, imperative to truly love your friends. Never succumb to any allure to trade your bonds for any temporary gains, which for a while maybe can give you pleasures but will also sting you forever.

There was a man who came into the annals of history as the epitome of betrayal, because he sold his best friend for 30 pieces of silver. The Lord trusted Judas Iscariot. We can find in the gospel that Jesus gave the money bag to Judas as his treasurer in their ministry.

Somehow Judas’ anger and desire to get even to the Lord led him to the unthinkable. Before their dinner could finish, he hurriedly left everyone to seek the Lord’s enemy to sell him for a cheap price of 30 pieces of silver. But the day after, he realized what he did. He regretted and wanted to recant his actions, but his betrayal was already too late—the Son of God was now hoisted and crucified to a pole.

Never sell your friends for any worldly allures, because its certain end will always be remorse and perpetual regrets. Become a good example to others. Keep away as well from gossips or, worse, slander! Don’t assassinate a friend through your words. Become loyal righteously to them even to death.

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