Jehovah’s Witnesses one-day Circuit Convention today PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 22 February 2015 14:46

Jehovah’s Witnesses will hold today, February 22, 2015, a one-day Circuit Convention at Marcian Garden Convention Center at Gov.Camins Avenue. Zamboanga city.

The witnesses are extending an open invitation to attend the program that will examine Jesus words: Keep on Seeking JEHOVAH’S Righteousness - Matthew. 6:33.

This circuit convention affords us an opportunity to discuss the second aspect of the admonition found at Matthew 6:33- Seeking Jehovah’s righteousness. Many people pay lip service to standard of right or wrong but seek to redefine them at every opportunity. How can we help others to seek Jehovah’s righteousness? Each of these points will be addressed on the program.

The program will also feature a Public Address: How Can You Distinguish Right from Wrong?. Also it will feature two (2) symposiums. In the morning symposium — “Pursue Righteouness by....

Living With Soundness of Mind

Fleeing From Materialism

Fleeing frtom Youthful Desires

Not Becoming Unevenly Yoked With Unbelievers;

In the afternoon —  “Help Others to Seek Jehovah’s Righteoussness....

Those “Rightly Disposed for Everlasting Life Our Children One Another

Those Who Become Inactive Dedication and Baptism will be highlighted also. The program will start at exactly 9:10AM until 3:50PM.