ZCWD takes steps as water rationing looms PDF Print E-mail
Sunday, 01 March 2015 14:29

The Zamboanga City Water District is working on counter measures as it prepares to move into possible water rationing in the face of continued decline of water levels at its water source.

Engr.Teotimo Reyes, Jr., head of water production, disclosed that water elevation at the diversion weir (dam) stood at 74.10 meters which is lower than the normal level of 74.20, which considered as critical level.

Reyes disclosed ,if water levels continue to drop, the water firm  will have to resort to water rationing this summer season.

“Right now, our water production management team is currently testing a novel  system of regulating water flow to consumers through a pressure ment system that will seek to evenly distribute water pressure in the pipes and allow water to flow into the consumers’ households,” Engr.Efren Salvacion of the Department said.

This scheme will allow water to build up on off peak hours and help keep water in the pipelines at all times, Salvacion added.

The ZCWD’s pipeline network is divided into three major zones, namely: central which is the downtown area of the city, the east coast and the west coast.

Water will be piped alternately into these zones to provide most of the water consumers ample opportunity to store enough water for the day’s use.

“The past years’ experience in water system management during the summer season has provided valuable insights to our engineers in looking at ways and means to provide water during the hot dry summers,” Reyes revealed.

Accordingly, the city is vulnerable to water source dry up as it is being supplied by surface water via the Tumaga river and its tributaries.

Salvacion and Reyes also added that the new scheme they are currently testing on will hopefully improve water distribution this summer and provide steady water supply despite low water pressure brought about by decreasing water inflow into the system.

Earlier, ZCWD General Manager Leonardo Rey Vasquez called on everyone to start storing water in case water supply inflow does not improve in the weeks ahead. Vasquez also added that people should make judicious use of water during the hot summer months. (ZCWD CREAS-Ed D. Banos)