Firemen save CAAP facilities from bushfire in Gensan airport PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 05 March 2015 14:35

An estimated P50 million worth of communications facilities and the building of the Civil Aviation and Aeronautics of the Philippines (CAAP) in General Santos City was saved by firefighters in what could have been a big blaze triggered by bushfire in the city’s airport around 11 a.m. last Saturday/

Due to the continuing hot temperature in General Santos City, maintaining at 33 celsius degree since January, grasses in the vicinity of Barangays Uhaw and Calumpang have dried up and changed into color brown, which resulted in a bush fire.

CAAP Administrative Officer Dante Fernandez said the City Fire Marshall is still continuing an investigation into the bush fire believed to have been ignited by lighted cigarette butts.

Fernandez said It was very fortunate there was no flight schedule when the fire broke out.

According to policemen, security guards and the people  living nearby, the fire started at the Arch Gate of the airport where grasses are so dry It rapid spread to the tip of the airport. runway. The flames consumed dried grasses in an estimated area of  50 hectares.

Firemen fought the blaze for three hours struggling to stop the flames from reaching towards the CAAP building and facilities. The flames quickly spread due to the 20-knot strong winds.

Fernandez advised the people to be extra vigilant and responcible enough not to throw their cigaratte butts on dry grasses because it would result to serious damages

Those who participated in the control of the fire were firefighters from the city’s Fire Department, Airport Fire Rescue Team, the Volunteer Chinese Fire Brigade and SAFI Fire Fighters. — Allen Abastillas