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Friday, 10 June 2011 15:39

The City Police Office under Sr. Supt. Edwin De Ocampo yesterday released its accomplishments reports to answer an accusation from a businessman that local policemen are doing nothing in maintaining peace and order in the city.

A text message from an unidentified businessman came to the attention of De Ocampo complaining and asking him to look into the peace and order situation as he claims that the situation in Zamboanga City is not good anymore for business.

The text message said the peace and order situation is worsening in the city as there are killings everyday. The message sender  also accused the local police as incompetent in their duties aside from making other negative comments against the local police force.

Reacting to the text message, De Ocampo yesterday emphasized that he and his men are not sitting down and in fact are doing all their best to cope fight criminalities here.

De Ocampo said the peace and order condition is not worsening as the police are still on top of the situation.
He said that with their efforts, the opening of classes last Monday and until at present is peaceful with no untoward incident.
Contrary to the texter’s claim that the situation is not good for business anymore, the police chief said there are many new business establishments which have opened recently and there are still many more to come including a giant mall from Manila.
With this development, Deo Campo said the peace and order situation remains good.

One of the remarkable accomplishments of De Ocampo is that he headed a successfull rescue operation for businessman Vinton So in Talon-Talon, and arrested the kidnappers in less than 24 hours after So was seized in Sta. Maria several months ago.

Charges have been filed in court against So’s kidnappers and other kidnappers behind the abduction of other prominent local residents.
Under De Ocampo, many wanted persons with pending warrants of arrest for heinous crimes were arrested including the notorious Baniser Amping.
The spate of killings in Talon-Talon, Mampang and Arena Blanco were stopped because of vigorous actions and counter actions carried out by the police led by De Ocampo.

Cases have been filed in court against the gunmen behind the shooting incidents in the city while other cases remain under investigation.
Recently, a policeman was wounded during a drug raid in Recodo that resulted to the arrest of two suspected drug couriers.

Aside from this operation, the Public Safety Company has arrested many drug pushers and users during the relentless anti- drug operations.   
Many unlicensed firearms were confiscated in different operations and checkpoints and cases were forwarded to the court against the owners.
The Women and Children Section in coordination with other agencies continue to rescue victims of human trafficking.

De Ocampo said the local police force was successful in maintaining security measures during the recently held  Private School Athletic Association (PRISAA).
Other accomplishments: Of the 65 drug-affected barangays in the city, 38 barangays have been cleared and declared as “drug-free”. Barangays of Baliwasan and Talon-Talon which were previously considered as seriously affected were downgraded to less seriously affected and this was the result of the police “war” against prohibited drug in the city.

For the month of April 1 to 30, 2011, the City Police Office received a total of 15 warrants of arrest and 11 of these were served with three persons detained at the Zamboanga City Reformatory Center while 8 were released after posting bail.

From May 1 to 31, 2011, the City Police Office received a total of 26 warrants of arrest and 24 of these were served resulting in the arrest of 24 wanted persons. Twelve of them were committed to the Zamboanga City Reformatory Center and 12 were released temporarily after posting bail.

A total of seven operations against all forms of illegal gambling were conducted jointly by the different operating units of the City Police Office resulted in the confiscation of three video carera machines, three fighting cocks, one cellular phone, three tally sheets for illegal swertres, three stubs for same illegal game, two sets of playing game cards, three toss coins and P331 cash bet. The operations also resulted in the arrest of four bettors and cases were filed in court against them.

The City Police Office’s Special Weapon and Tactics (SWAT) and other operating units are ready to respond to any eventualities, De Ocampo assured.
“We are working 24/7 and we will do our best as law enforcers to maintain peace and order in the city. Our office is also open to any opinion from residents,” De Ocampo said. — Dan Toribio Jr.