Zambo women must be assertive, says Climaco PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 10 March 2015 15:00

Mayor Beng Climaco yesterday challenged all women in Zamboanga City to be assertive of their very important role in policy and decision-making at all levels, stressing that a woman’s decision does matter no matter how lowly or ordinary she may be in the family, in the community and the nation as a whole.

“Women can do what men can. But, it is even more challenging for us women because we are considered weak, unable to decide and fearful. Thus, as women, we have to prove to ourselves and to the men that we can,” Mayor Climaco declared during the program that followed at Paseo del Mar after the “Marcha de las Mujeres” yesterday morning to kick off the International Women’s Month celebration this March.

Climaco said the women can build better communities with all important decisions they made. “The men may have the head, but we have the heart. That is why we need to balance,” the city’s second woman mayor emphasized as she shared a story about women empowerment, which opens a woman’s life to many challenges.

“Each of us has our own calling in life, regardless of our social status. But, what we all have to do is to say ‘yes’ to that challenges that God gave us. Say ‘yes’ to all our problems in life. Never ever say that your decisions do not matter because they really do,” Climaco told the hundreds of women who joined the parade in their purple shirts.

She said a woman’s individual voice may be little but if they are united and they speak with one voice then women’s voice becomes big, even louder and stronger than their male counterparts “because women rule the world”.

The activity was organized by city government’s Gender for Development (GAD) chaired by the mayor herself in cooperation with the Local Council of Women headed by Dr. Milagros Fernandez.

For her part, Dr. Fernandez explained that this year’s Women’s Month celebration pay tribute to all women leaders, who passionately led and continued to support women’s advocacies.

She said the month-long celebration also aims to recognize and highlight women’s key role, accomplishments and leadership in decision-making, where women nowadays are called upon to participate actively in political activities.

“The objective is for women to join politics and run for elective positions because there are too few women politicians in the country today,” Fernandez said. She added that the celebration is also aimed at encouraging the women to participate and engage at all levels of policy and decision-making, and to share strategies and best practices women have employed to become powerful women leaders.

According to Dr. Fernandez, the “Baile de las Mujeres” (street dance of women) yesterday was to demonstrate the empowerment of women in the city.

“We want the women to become more as leaders even if they are just housewives, mothers or ordinary citizens. We want the women of Zamboanga to be aggressive, articulate and active participants in all activities in their communities or barangays,” Fernandez asserted.

She concluded her message by citing former Prime Minister of Great Britain, the late Margaret Thatcher, who said: “In politics, if you want anything, ask a man and he will just say it. But if you want anything done, ask a woman.”

Proceeds of yesterday activity through donations will go to the Women’s Crisis Center, the women inmates at the City Jail and cancer survivors who cannot afford to sustain their medication. — Vic Larato