City Vet advises against dog meat consumption PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 12 March 2015 12:18

The City Veterinarian Office has strongly advised residents to refrain from eating dog meat to avoid carrying the risk of transmitting rabies.

This after the office received an alarming report of an incident on March 9 where a number of residents at Shermal Subdivision, Barangay Cabatangan were found to have consumed dog’s meat which tested positive for The head of the infected dog was earlier submitted to the Office for testing. Upon evidence of singeing which indicated that meat from the dog was prepared and handled for food, a veterinary team was sent to validate the information.

Validation confirmed that meat from the infected animal was consumed by a total of five adults and two children.

They were strongly advised to present themselves immediately for consultation and post-exposure treatment at the City Health Office.

Additionally, four animals were bitten by the rabid dog, two of which died on the spot.

To prevent further incidents, the City Vet has scheduled a rabies forum in the barangay on March 12.

Meanwhile, the City Pound made the rounds to catch the remaining animals bitten by the rabid dog for euthanasia and disposal to prevent the spread of infection.

According to the website Rabies, the preparation and ingestion of raw animal products from a rabid animal are both considered a high risk, and that there has been documented cases of rabies transmission to butchers cutting meat from a rabid animal.

Zamboanga City is currently observing the the Anti-Rabies Awareness Month, being observed nationwide every March of each year. As of 2014, the City has had zero cases of rabies. To date, however, the number of cat and dog bite cases have reached 5,574.

Both the City Vet and the CHO remain on constant alert to immediately respond and treat possible cases. — Jasmine Mohammadsali