TAB: Address trike plaints to us for proper action PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 18 March 2015 14:18

The Tricycle Adjudication Board (TAB) headed by City Legal Officer Atty. Jesus Carbon advises the public to file all complaints related to tricycle operations to the TAB office, located at the 2nd floor of City Hall with telephone numbers 991-7294.

To properly address public grievances, complaints should be filed at the TAB office and aggressively pursued by the complainants.

Under Ordinance 185, the law regulating the operation of motorized tricycles in the city, certain violations to include insolent, discourteous or arrogant driver; refusal to convey passenger to destination and overcharging of fare among others are either penalized with administrative fines or punishable by revocation of license.

The erring driver may also face charges in court and may face revocation of tricycle franchise.

TAB Member Linda Mandi, representing the riding community said all the complainant has to do is to present the plate number of the subject tricycle which will serve as the basis for the TAB to locate the unit, the driver and the operator.

Once located and informed of the complaint, the driver and operator are summoned for a confrontation with the complainant. It is during the confrontation that the complainant will decide whether to subject the erring driver to administrative fines or elevate matter to the TAB chairman who will cause the filing of the charges in court.

Ordinance 185 sets the fine for insolent, discourteous or arrogant driver at P500 for the owner and driver; P500 for the owner and the driver for refusal to convey passenger to proper destination and P1,000 for the owner and driver for overcharging of fare.

On record, the TAB has penalized, revoked licenses and filed cases against numerous erring tricycle drivers. The City Treasurer’s Office collection out of penalties/fines resulting from violation of Ordinance 185 totalled P920,200 in 2014 alone.

The crackdown against erring tricycle drivers is continuous and is a coordinative effort between the TAB, traffic enforcers and police authorities. However, public support is a must, according to Mandi. — Sheila Covarrubias