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Monday, 30 March 2015 16:06

The Land Transportation Office has warned owners and drivers of motorvehicles not to take the road without their registration papers in their possession.

This as Asst. Sec. Alfonso V. Tan  has issued a memorandum circular number AVT- 2015- 1927 titled “ No Registration No Travel” for motorvehicles .

Supt. Alejandro Espiritu II, deputy chief of Highway Patrol Group-9, said that together with his men they met LTO -9 Director Aminola P. Abaton on Thursday to discuss joint operations in the implementation of the memorandum circular in the region.

According to Espiritu, under the memorandum circular, starting on  April  1,2015, no four-wheeled motorvehicles can be used, driven, or operated on the roads without being duly registered with the Land Transportation Office pursuant to R. A 4136 and Joint Administrative Orde Number 2014-01 and other applicable rules and regulations.

Espiritu explained that any vehicle without license plate shall be stopped and the driver must present the certificate of registration and official receipt. If the driver is not bringing the registration paper, they can present any document like Certificate of Stock Reported, sales invoice of the unit and certificate of insurance of the vehicle. If all of the above can not be presented by the driver, he or she will be fined P10,000 for using unregistered motorvehicle and P1,000more for reckless driving.

At the time of the apprehension, the date of the sale invoice exceeds 37 days from the date of purchase.    The vehicle shall be impounded and all apprehensions must contested within five days — Allen Abastillas