WMPC cut Mindanao Easter blackout to only one hour PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 21 April 2015 14:01

The Western Mindanao Power Corporation (WMPC), sister company of San Ramon Power Incorporated (SRPI), was able to cut the Mindanao blackout which affected the Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative (Zamcelco) on April 5, Easter Sunday, to only one hour instead of seven hours after going on island mode.

“Kung hindi kami nakasupply ng power, like most of Mindanao, from 1am to 7am wala silang power supply,”    revealed WMPC Plant Manager Jose Mari Torrejon.

On Easter Sunday, about 1:01 AM a grid fault happened. National Grid Corporation Philippines (NGCP) report said that a hydro plant in Agus 7, located in Lanao Sur, was disconnected from the grid.

NGCP advised WMPC to go on island mode at 1:16 am and by 1:55 am, WMPC was able to supply Zamcelco with 42MW cutting the blackout to only one hour while other places in Mindanao suffered the entire seven hours blackout. Power from the NGCP was restored at 7:30 am.

Island mode is when a power generator conducts isolated operation and is not connected to other sources in Mindanao.

This proves that WMPC is always ready to respond and supply power in times of need especially in Mindanao.

Torrejon stressed: “Priority natin ang Zamcelco kasi andito tayo sa Zamboanga City nag o-operate. Part din ito ng social responsibility natin to give power to Zamboangueños.”

WMPC operates a diesel plant which has a capacity of 100MW and is supplying power to Zamboanga Peninsula and other parts of Mindanao. — R.G. A A. Go