City invites lessees for 17 stalls at IBT PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 23 April 2015 11:58

At least 17 stalls at the soon to open Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT) in Divisoria are open for lease by any interested applicants.

The City Administrator’s Office is now accepting applications for the different stalls at the IBT in Divisoria. Todate, over a thousand businessmen have submitted applications.

City Administrator Antonio Orendain Jr., whose office oversees the operation of the IBT said of the 17 stalls available for lease, 1 is for coffee shop, 8 for “pasalubong” and 8 for food or eateries.

Interested lessees must submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) addressed to the IBT Committee or directly to the city administrator.

These applications will be reviewed by the IBT committee created under the Ordinance operationalizing the facility. The other day, the committee has issued the guidelines setting the criteria for the selection of IBT concessionaires.

The implementing guidelines for the selection of concessionaires is based on section 5 of Ordinance 434 otherwise known as the Integrated Bus Terminal Ordinance of the city of Zamboanga and approved on April 14, 2015.

Based on the general criteria, preference will be given to bona fide residents of the city. Experience or track record in the industry or food service shall be considered and preferential consideration shall be given to applicants who had been engaged in the service, industry, or profession for a minimum of 2 years.

To avoid cut-throat competition among concessionaires, the IBT committee shall be guided by the policy of diversification to encourage and ensure variety of products to be sold to the public. It is also a requirement that the applicant possess the minimum financial capacity to operate the concession, that is, the capacity to sustainably pay the overhead cost of the business and that the applicant must have no delinquent obligations to the government at the time of the application.

The mode of selection will follow certain procedures. All applications shall be submitted or transmitted to the office of the city Administrator for processing. If the applicant is a juridical entity, its application should be under its firm name with identification of the proprietor.

From the city administrator’s office, all applications shall be transmitted to the IBT committee for deliberation and recommendation for the approval of the City Mayor.

Concessionaires of the city, meaning those with slots or concessions in Paseo del mar, Jardin Maria Clara and plaza del Pilar may apply but not given preference or top priority in the selection of concessionaires at the IBT. At least one applicant from host Barangay Divisoria will be given preference.

No member of the IBT committee shall be allowed to lease a concession unit and such prohibition is extended to the members’ spouse, children and or parents.

The committee may invite applicants for interview to aid the committee in the selection process. And any concerns, issues or questions related to new applications may be brought to the Committee for resolution or appropriate action.

The IBT will be operational as soon as the workforce requirement has been finalized. — Vic Larato/Sheila Covarrubias