Casimiro, Huesca belie receiving ‘tarian’ payoff PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 30 April 2015 14:29


City Police Director Sr. Supt. Angelito Casimiro and Supt. Ariel Huesca, commander of the Public Safety Company, have categorically denied reports that they were collecting bribesfrom the illegal operation of “tarian” or illegal cockfighting in certain barangays of this city.

“For the information of everybody, I have never dipped my finger on illegal activities for the past 27 years of my career,” Casimiro told Monday’s press briefing in City Hall.

He was reacting to reports that he ordered a police operation against the “tarian” last Sunday at Cariño Compound, Barangay Camino Nuevo after the operators or organizers refused to give in to his demand for yet undisclosed amount of money in exchange for permission to conduct such an illegal activity.

Camino Nuevo Barangay Chairman Tony Deles was one of those arrested by the police team that raided the “tarian” in his barangay last Sunday.

“I can say categorically that the reports are all lies and I can say to my people my name is the only ‘kayamanan’ I can give to my children and to my family,” the city police director further said.

According to him, the police operation was conducted against the illegal cockfighting game in Camino Nuevo last Sunday upon receipt of persistent reports that some people who organized the illegal activity were dropping the name of Supt. Huesca as the one who ordered the collection of P30,000 cash to allow said activity.

For his part, Supt. Huesca, who was personally present during the police raid on the illegal cockpit, confirmed the reports that indeed certain individuals were using his name to collect money as much as P30,000 from the cockpit operators.

“Never did I allow anybody to collect money on my behalf or for the company from illegal activities like cockpit or tarian operation,” Huesca said.— Vic Larato