Gensan City park potential eco-tourism site PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 04 May 2015 14:06



The General Santos City Park located in the heart of the city has the potential to become an eco-tourism attraction if trees like  acacia, balete, neem, talisay and fruit bearing trees will be planted thereat.

Danilo A. Danial, whose family is engaged in coconut and mango production and growiing said the city  government should plant fruit bearing trees in the park because the city streets are named after fruits, century woods, nationals heroes, presidents and local pioneering people.

Danial said if fruits will be planted in the park like mangosteen, rambutan, jack fruit, durian, lakatan banana, dwarf coconut, tambis, macopa, sampaguita, roses, rosal, dantol, tamarind, guava, papaya, atis, marang. tiesa, mango, star-apple and mansanitas which is the favorite of fruit bats and humminbirds.

An observer said that once fruits trees are planted in the park, it can become a  home for different species of bird because  the fruits trees will give them food in the right season. Different varieties of  butterflies will make it also their home because of the nectar of the flowers that they can sip before the fruits will fully grow.

“The sounds of different birds are melodramic and full of harmonies. It can heal lonely people and it can give happiness to broken hearted persons. Once the fruits are fully grown. It will also give food to people who would visit and relax at the park  provided that they should take good care of the fruits trees,” one resident said. —  Allen Abastillas