Abus execute tanod, militiaman in Basilan PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 05 May 2015 16:22

Suspected Abu Sayyaf militants executed a barangay tanod and a member of the Civilian Volunteer Organization in two separate incidents in Basilan over the weekend.

Reports reaceived by RMN Zamboanga disclosed that barangay tanod Jakri Targi,20, of Barangay Tuburan proper, Muhammad Adjul, was on his way to inspect the cellular site of a telecommunications company at Sitio Taguime around 4:40 p.m.Saturday, when he was waylaid by armed men who hacked him to death and took his barangay-issued firearms.

Targi’s relatives together with military and police forces in Tuburan town was not able to  retrieve immediately Targi’s body as the place of incident is a hostile area and known lair of bandits and lawless elements. It was only recovered after 24 hours. The body bore hack wounds and was immediately buried following Muslim tradition.

Authorities believed that the victim was suspected by Abu Sayyaf militants as a military “asset.”

In the other incident, a civilian volunteer was shot several times by suspected Abu Sayyaf guerrillas Sunday afternoon in Sumisip municipality.

Basilan police reported that Jahirul Caliyung,47, a member of the SCAA and serving as one of the security personnel of Tumahubong Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Incorporated (TARBDCI) was ambushed by the armed men while on his way home from his tour of duty.

Caliyung sustained multiple gunshot wounds to the body which which killed him on the spot. The members of TARBDCI security forces are known as defenders of their area against bandits and lawless elements engaging in extortion activities in Sumisip. —  Bhong Simbajon