Renew driver’s license, vehicle registration without delay — LTO9 PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 May 2015 15:22

The Land Transportation Office-9 Driver License Renewal Center (DLRC ) based in Yubengco Mall in Putik has advised driver license delinquents and owners of expired motorvehicle registration to always renew their papers on time and not to delay for long period like two years or more than two years expired.

LT0-9-DLRC Chief  Hapsa A. Taha-Aspi said there are still people who have driver license and motorvehicle registraton who do not renew their papers for more than two years or more.

Taha-Aspi explained that once a motorvehicle registration or driver license expired for two years or more, it is very difficult to retrieve it  from the computer system.

To process long-delayed renewal of driver license and registration, Taha-Aspi said her office will have to request from the LT0 central office under the Request for System Update (RSU).

”Sometimes it will take two to three months to wait for the receovery of the records from the computer system in Manila. Another difficulty is when the LTO central office is fully loaded to update records.,” Taha-Aspi explained.

She advised motorvehicle owners or license holders with delinquent status to renew on time because it is a big saving to them. Expired papers are a burden to them and waste of money because they will be slapped with surcharge payment and penalty.

Once LTO- 9 asks for Request for System Update (RSU) for their delinquent documents, they will be given a ticket or receipt when they use their motorvehicles or driving while their documents  are still on process. —  Allen Abastillas